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 Universal Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Universal Clan Rules   Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:41 am

These rules are universal rules, which means you MUST follow them when on this forum, and posting, or using the chat box, as well as playing in-game. You are subject to these rules whether or not you read them, as you agreed to follow and respect the rules when you created your forum account and when you applied to join the clan.
By creating your forum account, you agree to all these rules.

1) No Using, hinting, or avoiding saying swears by adding a . or a - or such in them. If there is a certain word you do not know if we will consider it a swear, please PM the word to .:Aegis:., and he will tell you if it is ok to use or not. Breaking this rule will get you an official warning.

2) No adult content, nudity, linking to nudity websites, or videos, or talking/hinting about nudity or adult content. Breaking this rule will result in a severe warning if hinting it, otherwise it is an instant permanent ban.

3) No posting or using the chat box, or PM's of useless manor, or advertising. No short messages such as "haha" or "lol" or "cool" please, when posting, use more detail. Breaking this rule will get you an official warning.

4) No flaming other members. This means no saying bad things to them, or complaining to them, or such. Breaking this rule with earn you an official warning.

5) Trolling is saying things in intention for others to feel bad or post badly. Breaking this rule will earn you an official warning. Doing this and leading to other members flaming you or someone else of a cause of this will get you a severe warning.

6) No abusing this forum, or clan, no expecting something or someone to do something, and especially not abusing a member of the clan in any way. Breaking this rule will get you a official warning, and if its bad enough, a temporary or permanent ban.

7) No speaking in an untruthful manner. Being sarcastic is fine, as long as it is not rude or disrespectful to other members. Doing this will get you a small warning, up to an official warning.

Cool Our clan does not hack, and our members should not hack, therefore there is not discussion or guides of such about how to hack or about other players hacking, and how its wrong. Breaking this rule will result in an official warning.

9) No begging, whining or asking after you have already been told no. Breaking this rule will earn you an official warning.

10) Don't go off topic. When you post in a topic, talk about what is currently being talked about. Moderators or Admins will tell you to get back on topic if you go off topic. If you continue, you will get an official warning.

11) Respect all members, moderators and admins on the forum. Breaking this rule will result in a small warning, and if repeated, an official warning.

12) A Maximum of 2 image signatures, 3-4 if one or more of them are small. Try to keep the file size under 100 KB, and if possible, much lower. No words or images in the signature that break any other rules. Breaking this rule will result in your signature being cut down, (Remove of whatever is too big) and if it is continued, remove of privilege of using signatures.

The maximum dimensions for ALL avatars is 150x150, but note, that I will not exactly care if members go over this limit by a bit. Just don't abuse it. I will decide whether or not your avatar is a bit bigger than the limit, worthy to be punished for. Breaking this rule two times, will result in an official warning, and your avatar privileges being disabled.

13) If a new release has been made, and it is resent, then use the spoiler tags. Breaking this rule will result in a small warning. This is the spoiler tags;
[spoiler]text here[/spoiler]

14) Only one account per person on these forums. Breaking this rule will result in an official warning.

15) Keep your account safe with a complicated password, and don't give the password to any other members. If a member asks to give there password to you, refuse.

16) Please, only speak English on these forums, as it may confuse members. Breaking this rule will result in a small warning.

17) If you suggest something, but later withdraw your suggestion, we are still free to use it, since you already suggested it.

18) A moderator/admin are only doing their job, they can move, lock or delete topics or posts if they see fit. All topics, except announcements, will be locked and re-posted when they hit 10 pages.

19) If you have a problem or issue with another member, ask a moderator or admin, they have the final say. If your problem or issue is with a moderator or admin or .:Aegis:., ask .:Aegis:..
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Universal Clan Rules
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