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 Runescape Discussion Rules

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PostSubject: Runescape Discussion Rules   Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:16 pm

Runescape only game related discussions

This means only post topics that invoke a discussion on a topic of this forum's game. Topics such as "what is your favorite pet" , "what do you think of the new town" , "this is the latest newsletter" and such are good discussion topics like "which is better AQW or Maplestory" , "thanks to the staff" , "what is best for my character" or topics along those lines are not allowed in the discussion forum. Also before posting make sure that you post actually belongs in the discussion forum.

No Spamming

This is defined as but not limited to anything that is off topic and inappropriate to the forum or discussion. This would include the use of excessive smilies , all capitalized letters in title or post , large font size , posting off-topic. Any and all post or threads that are viewed as spam will be deleted as such without warning to the poster or posters.

Flaming is another version of spamming that is not allowed in this forum or anywhere on the forums. Flaming is anything that is deemed hurtful or demeaning to another forum member.

Posts which exist solely to bump/revive a thread are also considered spam, and will be dealt with accordingly.

No Mini-modding

This is defined as but not limited to acting like you are an mod or admin of the board or forum. This would include "this is in the wrong place" , "you need to turn off your caps lock button" , "you need to delete this" or anything else similar. If you are not a mod of this board or forum do not act as if you are.

No Duplicate thread postings

This is defined as making the same thread as one that is already in use. There is no need for two or more threads on the same topic. Search at least three or four pages for previous threads before posting one of your own. Also do not change the wording of your title to make it seem like a new thread topic as a way around the rule. An example of this would be posting "What is your favorite / least favorite pet?" when there is the " Ultimate Favorite / Least Favorite Thread " already running which covers pets and any other item in the game. There are also threads similar to this entitled " Ultimate Best / Worst Thread " , " The Ultimate Nostalgia thread " and the " (Dis)Accomplishments Thread ".

Server complaints

These types of posts do not belong in the AdventureQuest General Discussion or anywhere on the forum and as such will be deleted on sight. As we would like to see everyone play whenever they want the servers can not handle that type of stress and would crash which would not let anyone play. So if you have a server compliant please do not post it in the forums.

Spoiler posting

Do not post spoilers of any kind. This would include but not limited to exact answers , very close hints which leave very little to figure out , or saying you will PM or Email someone the answers. The posting of spoilers of in any fashion is against the rule of this board and on the forum itself. If any spoilers are posted they will be deleted and the member will receive an appropriate level of punishment.

Asking for spoilers is also not allowed in the forums. If someone post asking for spoilers their post will be delete and they will receive a warning for asking for the spoiler.

Hints are allowed as long as they do not give exact location , combinations or other information that would be deemed a spoiler. If a hint is to close to a spoiler the post will be deleted and the poster will be sent a warning on the post.

Posting in a thread that breaks a rule.

Do not post in a thread that breaks the rules. If you see a thread that breaks the rules just ignore it. Also if you see a thread that breaks the rules PM a mod or admin with a link to the post or thread in question. Do not post in the thread saying your are going to PM someone about it. After you have PMed someone about the thread do not post in the thread saying that you have PMed someone as that would be breaking the rules of the board.

There is no way to list every single possible rule that may be needed on a specific board or forum. Just because there is no rule or rules saying you can or can not do something does not give you permission to do something. So with that being said , if mod or admin tells you to stop doing something then it would be advised that you stop immediately. If you fail to stop the action or actions that a mod or admin has told you stop then actions can and will be taken. The actions taken for failure to listen will be in the form of a Severe Warning , Temporary Ban or a Permanent Ban.

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Runescape Discussion Rules
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