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 First Announcement EVAR!

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PostSubject: First Announcement EVAR!   Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:34 am

Alrighty, so thanks to all who migrated over to this forum. We'll have a splendid time here. Alas, many of you guys know that I will be leaving on Saturday to go to camp... for 12 days. So, I'll be stock piling the forums with contests and other stuffs to keep you guys busy while I'm gone. Until I return there will be no clan meetings or such, so don't worry about them for now.

Now, onwards with the announcement.

I created this new clan with the intention of doing more with the actual games that we play. I felt that in the TK that we really didn't do anything in AQW and it didn't even seem like we were an AQW clan. No one ever used the AQW Discussion board and barely any of the members (even Steel) did not play it regulary. So with that, I hope that all members will be able to expand and try out the games that we display here on the forums. (Unless your computer is evil and won't let you use the game) I'm hoping to keep it so that all games on these forums are free to play.

Thanks again everyone,
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First Announcement EVAR!
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