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 Creative Art Rules

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PostSubject: Creative Art Rules   Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:10 pm

Please note that you are subject to Gallery AND Universal Rules at all times.


All Gallery members are equal regardless of talent; there is no exception to this. If you can't have respect for the artwork you are commenting on, don't bother posting. No more "That's dumb", "That's not artwork!", "I could do better" posts, or anything of that nature.

Constructive Criticism

All posts in galleries must follow constructive criticism guidelines.
As a gallery member you should be capable of giving constructive criticism, and you should use it when posting in galleries. Post like “Great work” are fine so long as your explain why you like someone’s work. This goes a long with disliking someone’s work.
If you fail to give constructive criticism, you will be warned for spamming, and you will be banned from the forums if you continue.


I understand many of you have personal websites/forums that are associated with your "projects". These websites must also follow the Artix Entertainment forums if you want to link to them. Any inappropriate material found on an outside website you are linking to will result in severe punishment. Some websites like DeviantArt have mature content, but they offer an automatic mature content filter to everyone who views their pages. If other websites offer the same, they are safe to post, but if they either have no filter, or you have to turn the filter on yourself, it's not safe and would be against the rules to post the link.

Artwork requests

All art requests including signatures are to be posted in the Art Request sub area. Galleries are not allowed to act as a shop in the main Gallery area (gift giving or receiving is fine within galleries). If you wish to start a request shop, you are welcomed to make a shop in the Art Request area.


Galleries act as a showcase for an artist. All galleries must follow this guideline:

Galleries with only one artist are limited 6 images to be shown on the first post. This includes banners (banners should be 750x500 and preferably 100kb or less in size). All other images must be in link form.

Galleries with more then one person are limited to 6 images. In case of a gallery having more then six artist within it, that gallery is limited to one image per person.
*Special note* If the gallery is found to be using too much bandwidth, images may be removed by an Mod.

An artist is allowed to be in only ONE gallery at a time in each area (i.e you can have 1 Gallery, 1 Hand Drawn, and 1 Multimedia gallery). If you are found to be in more than one at a time, you will be PM'd and your most recent gallery will be deleted for a short time. The PM will ask you which gallery you want to keep, and which you are going to quit.

Gallery titles must be written in clearly readable English. 1337 or the like is not appreciated in the subject line, and will be removed on sight.

Galleries are also required to indicate what program the gallery owner is using. This is so other AE staff members have quick access to the talent pool of the Gallery.

The following is an example of what a gallery title should look like.

[3D] - Any sort of 3D program (Maya, Blender, etc.)
[EDIT] - Edits
[FLASH] - Flash
[FW] - Fireworks
[ILL] - Illustrator
[PAINT] - Paint, or similar programs
[PS] - Photoshop

*For Tags and Signatures, [Digital] or [DA] can be instead of your program name.

** If you have a gallery with multiple different programs, you can use more then one tag. I.E. [Flash][Paint]

Galleries are to be locked once they reach 30 pages. Do not create another gallery thread until your previous one has reached the limit.

Galleries failing to follow the rules will be locked for a period of time.


You may bump your topic so long as you have an update. If you were the last one to post, do not double post unless you have an update and it's been about 24 hours. Anyone double posting without an update will be punished.

Post _______ here/OOC threads

Threads that ask people to post artwork of any form are not allowed. If they want to display their artwork, they will, there is no need for them to display it in your thread. OOC threads are to remain in the OOC Forum. Threads that do not belong will be deleted on sight.


"Ripping" for these purposes shall be defined as the use of another's art without permission. To combat this, the following process has been put in place:

Should you believe your art or that of another has been ripped; the first step is to contact the Moderator of the Gallery. Do not post about it. Rip cases are private, between the accuser, the alleged ripper, and the original creator of the artwork in question. Any post on the forum accusing someone of ripping will be seen as flaming and be treated as such.

The Moderator will review the case. To ensure complete fairness in the case, please include as much information as possible.

Should the alleged rip be deemed legitimate, severe actions will be taken against the "ripper". If the case is judged false or indeterminable, the case will be dropped. Do not harass the Mod who judged the case, this will also lead to severe actions.


There are a number of image sites that have copyrights in place to prevent images from being altered. Some sites include, but are not limited to, the following.
Images from Deviant Art – Exception to this are stock images.
Images from CGtalk
Images otherwise copyrighted (excludes company images such as these: celebrities images, movie images, game screen shots etc)

A note on the Fair Use Clause.
Fair use makes copyrighted work available to the public as raw material without the need for permission or clearance, so long as such free usage serves the purpose of copyright law, which the U.S. Constitution defines as the promotion of "the Progress of Science and useful Arts" (I.1.Cool, better than the legal enforcement of claims of infringement. The doctrine thereby attempts to balance the interests of individual copyright holders with the social or cultural benefits that follow from the creation and distribution of derivative works. Insofar as this doctrine protects forms of expression that might otherwise be enjoined as infringing copyright, it has been related to First Amendment free speech protections in the U.S. Constitution.

Keep in mind though that the “Ripping” rules still apply. If you are claiming someone else’s work as your own, you will be severely dealt with. Also note that "you stole my idea" posts will be deleted on site. Unless you have proof that your idea is protected by a patent, you have no case. You did not invent art, and someone has more than likely had the idea before you, therefore you cannot claim any idea your own, only the product of your ideas.
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Creative Art Rules
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