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 July 30th Design Notes

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PostSubject: July 30th Design Notes   Sat Jul 31, 2010 8:40 pm

July 30, 2010

Finale, Fianlly.

We have arrived at the end of the Giant Tale finale! If you haven't
been keeping up to date, you beat up a housecat, took a trip through 80
cartoon nostalgia, raced to a bowl of soup against a bunch of roaches
and you're finally ready to grab the key and rescue Jack's village from
certain dinner.
We decided to try something a little different today. You have to
climb the giant and fight his various body parts. Most of which have
quite a few interesting drops.

Here's me in one of the new Shadow Guard armor, Shadow Helm, Razor
Wings and sporting the color custom Live Dragon Daggers that came from
J6's Live Drawing Event yesterday!

Our Adver-master Ballyhoo has not been getting a lot of love recently
so we decided to help her help you guys. As you know you have 10
chances a day to watch her ads and earn either gold, or... if you're
lucky... FREE ACS!
We took a look at our in-game economy and realized that capping her
gold per view ar 160 for lvl 30s was really cheap! So we've made it 500
FREE GOLD per view! That means that you can get 5000 Gold a day just by
watching her ads.
We also made her eaiser to find. How could we make it eaiser than a
big button in Battleon? How about putting her directly in Battleon,
right in front of town square!
We ALSO decided to DOUBLE the chance you that you would get FREE ACs from wathcing her ads.
Want to help the game out, but don't have the cash to upgrade or buy
ACs? Clicking on the ads that you find even a little interesting always
helps the game stay alive and helps us continue to bring you new
adventures and items week after week. But remember, you don't even have
to click the ads for your free gold or chance at free ACs, you just have
to sit through the ads!
J6's Live Drawing Event Yesterday

Yesterday at 3:00pm EST to about 4:30 PM EST we had our first live
item creation event in AQW! We streamed J6's webcam through AQW. More
than 20,000 players logged in and he took suggestions live as he created
the Live Dragon Ranger sword, and the culor custom member version the
EPIC Live Dragon Ranger. He decided to use the esign that you helped him
make and created staves and daggers to go with each sword as well!
You even helped him pick the price, 1337 gold for each weapon. For
the next week you can find them in the J6 Live shop in Battleon, after
that they are leaving the game forever. Be a part of AQW history by
grabbing one or ALL of these amazingly cheap items, before they go Rare.
Don't worry if you missed out on the Live Drawing Event. It went SO
WELL that we are already planning our next Live Drawing Event!
Friday The 13th News!

Speaking of live events, we are growing ever closer to Friday, August
13th. As you know Friday The 13th events have become something of a
tradition in our happy little web game, and we are planning on
continuing this tradition with one of our craziest events EVER featuring
the voice and/or musical talents of Voltaire, Kimberly of One-Eyed Doll
and famous TV/Film voice actor George Lowe!
OMGOMGOMG I get to write for George Lowe! EEEEEEEEEEEE!
We've got a lot of work to do and only two weeks to do it in, so I gotta split. Have a great weekend guys!
Or don't.
But I hope you do. Point is, it's optional.
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July 30th Design Notes
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