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 Role Playing Rules

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PostSubject: Role Playing Rules   Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:18 pm

Write properly, be clear, be concise.

The rules of grammar exist for one purpose: to allow people to understand what you are trying to say. If you ignore them, no one will be able to follow you without working really, really hard at it, and that tends to drive people away. In order to make your posts easy and enjoyable to read, use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

You should also make sure to include paragraph breaks so that your post does not consist of single, intimidating wall of text. The wall of text is a pain to read through, in some cases literally, and will make it harder for people to understand you.

To help with this, double-check your post before posting it. Reading it through once before posting is an excellent way to catch grammar and spelling errors, and is even more effective if you do so out loud. A spellcheck program can help catch the spelling errors, but it will not fix grammar problems.

At some point or another each RPer comes up with details they wish to add to a post after the fact. You may be tempted to post again right away with these added details. Don't. Every post has a button in the upper right corner marked 'Edit'. This tool is there for the express purpose of adding details that you thought of later, or to fix a glaring mistake. Double posting will not be tolerated.

Follow the conventions of good roleplay. Work with your fellow RPers and avoid bunnying, godmodding, and metagaming, especially in combat!

The conventions of roleplaying involve working with your fellow RPers on the RP while remembering you are in direct control of only your character, and that your character's knowledge of a situation is different from your own as the character's owner. The following three types of offenses are flagrant instances of flaunting these conventions, but can easily be avioded with OOC conversation between RPers.

Very small posts consisting of less than five lines often have little to offer in the way of meaningful content. We suggest that you try to avoid making such small posts if at all possible. Here is a helpful guide to explain this further and give you an idea of how to avoid this problem.

Godmodding is cheating the system of RP so that your character comes out either without a scratch or with absolute advantage in any situation. This is typically done without conversing with the RP's owner, and ignores their authority to control the situation of their RP. Examples: Unapproved one-shot kills, 'effortless' combat with NPCs, acting with total invulnerability to the actions of NPCs or other Player Characters.

Bunnying is taking control of characters when you do not have the authority to do so, and acting contrary to what their real owners would have them do. Unless you have direct permission from the owner of the character, you cannot control them. This is especially true in combat, where you cannot decide if your attacks hit.

Metagaming involves using applying Out-of-Character knowledge of a situation to your character's benefit. This is not always intended, but does not change the fact that the advantage is noticeabe and generally unfitting with what the character would have done based on in-character knowledge and reactions. If you keep the distinction between what you know and what your character knows, this is easy to avoid.

Creating and participating in RPs is a privilege, but also a responsibility. You can be the creator of one RP at a time, and limit your participate in no more than four at a time.

Quality posts take a significant amount of time to create. They require reading up on all new in-character posts, reading over out-of-character commentary, and the writing of the post itself. This time comes out of the day, and even the most dedicated RPer has other commitments outside of the Role Playing Boards. To help maintain a standard of quality from our RPers, we are limiting the number of RPs that you can participate in at any given time.

To prevent confusion: an RP that gets locked by its owner's request does NOT count towards this total, but a 'dead' RP that has not been locked will, so it is in your interest to keep an RP alive or get the creator to admit it is dead and seek get it locked.

Creation of an RP is a significantly greater investment of time and as such there is a limit of one RP per creator. Co-authorship counts for both authors involved, unless one of the co-authors is present solely for the advice and direction of the other co-author. This must be noted and made clear in the OOC thread itself. Requests for multiple active RP threads as an author must be made by forum PM to the Head Moderator of the RP board and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We are going to stick with the one RP rule, but may allow multiple RPs if the request is convincing.
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Role Playing Rules
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