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 Clan Merge

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Teh Goat

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PostSubject: Clan Merge   Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:32 pm

So, today Raedqwe and I decided that since both of our clans basically were trying to accomplish the same thing, and since both clans basically shared the same exact members, we decided to merge both Legion and Creed of Honor into one big (not really big at this moment I guess) super-clan. Creed of Honor will now become the clan's... clan. I'm quite dissapointed to leave this forum on such short notice, but we both feel that it will benefit everyone by doing this. So, with that said, please make your way over to the Creed of Honor forums and make yourself an account if you haven't already. A link to the forums is provided under the topic "Creed of Honor" in the General Discussion section of the forums.

Thanks for your cooperation,
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Clan Merge
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