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 July 22nd Design Notes

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PostSubject: July 22nd Design Notes   Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:07 am

Go Sock Racer Go!

July 22, 2010
Roach Racers & Sword Lasers

I've Never Used The New Design Notes System Before

This is a brand new back-end system that we're trying out. The
amazing coding team put it together for us and NOW we have tags and we
can link to specific entries and all kinds of good stuff. Let's see how
badly I break it!
Roach Rage!

Tomorrow we're releasing the next to last section of the Giant Tale
storyline, which includes a brand new racing minigame! We are also
releasing loads of prizes you can earn by playing the game! Llussion has
been blowing a lot of his brainpower (and coding time) on making this
game interesting, and I haven't seen more than 3 seconds of it yet so
we'll see how that turns out. Expect greatness.
(now, how do I add a picture?)
(I wonder if that worked.)
Some of you have been saying that the Giant Tale storyline isn't very
interesting or too "kiddie" for your tastes but I have been having a
BLAST writing these cutscenes and it's really nice to take a break from
the stress of the constant war against Chaos to just have a little silly
AE has always been about silly, stupid fun and I hope we never lose
that part of ourselves. It's what makes us, us. So for those of you who
have been laughing along with me, thanks for keeping me company on this
Friend's List Increased!

Zhoom told me the Friend's List Max was increased by 10, as promised. I haven't tried it out yet. Hope that works too.
Miltonius Fixes!

All is going well with the Miltonius Secret Area quest and item
fixes. Today is the last day to turn in your AC Turn Ins, and pick whom
you love better, Drudgen or Crag & Bamboozle. If you're confused by
the whole concept, re-read my earlier DN's HERE. (did that work?)
Metrocon, Here We Come!

And when I say "We" I mean everyone else. Sometimes I look at by
beautiful son and remember why I love being a father so much... because
it get's me out of things like working the Artix Entertainment Merch
Booth at MertoCon in Tampa this weekend (starting tomorrow actually)
like Artix, Nythera, Ai No Miko, Thyton, Nightwraith, Faith, and Zazul!
I plan on stopping by for a few hours on Saturday, wearing my Chickencow T-Shirt! If you see me, say hi!
Our merch booth will be the FIRST PLACE EVER that someone will be able to buy the Chickencow T AND the NPCs AE Soundtrack CD!
Remember that buying the CD will earn you a secret code that will
unlock a special guitar item in EVERY AE GAME, including earining you
the Green StarGuitar (and achievement) in AQW!

And, as you know the Chickencow T comes with a special in-game pet in DF and AQW. The non-member Armored Chicken Calf!

AND AND If you buy ANYTHING from our
merchbooth at MertoCon, you will recieve the very, very, very, very rare
MetroCon Samurai Moglin non-member pet in AQW! I know it's going to be
very, very, very, very, very rare because MetroCon is NOT a very large
convention. In fact, Shawn and Violet. y'all might be ONLY PEOPLE ON
EARTH with these pets when all is said and done.
Critical Hits Track List

Lots of folks have been Tweeting me and asking about the NPC's AE Soundtrack CD Track listing.. so I'll just type that out for you. All 32 tracks of greatness.

  1. DF - Warcry Of The Paladin by Carbon Rapture (AKA The Out Crowd)
  2. ED - Epic Duel Suite by Warlic
  3. AQW - TV Spot by Warlic
  4. BH - Main Theme (Yeah, BladeHaven will have music) by Warlic
  5. Artix Vs the Undead - The Rise Of The Paladin by Warlic
  6. WF - Break Free by The Archivist
  7. AQW - Mythsong Classical by Warlic
  8. DF - All Roads Lead To Falconreach by Ghost
  9. AQW - Mythsong War by Warlic
  10. MQ - Flight Of The Kingadent by Warlic
  11. DF - Call Of Kathool Atchoo by Ghost
  12. MQ - Galactimecha 8Bit by Warlic
  13. AQW - Coronation by Warlic
  14. AQ - Bouree by Warlic (Arranged by J.S.Bach)
  15. DF - Demento's Dirge by Ghost
  16. MQ - Sugar Plums and DOOM by Warlic
  17. BH - Swamp Battle by Warlic
  18. DF - Looks Like It's Time To Get Awesome by Ghost
  19. AQW - March Of The Doom by Warlic
  20. MQ - Crush The Weak by Evil Jim
  21. AQ - Shipcrash by Warlic
  22. DF - Into The Fray by Ghost
  23. MQ - Evil Jam by Warlic
  24. AQW - Sneevil Jig by Warlic
  25. MQ - Spaceflight by Warlic
  26. DF - You Will Become What You Once Destroyed by Ghost
  27. MQ - Ticklish Zorbo Dance Party by Warlic
  28. AQW - Dramatic Theme by Warlic
  29. DF - Magiscience - Ghost
  30. MQ - Sys-Zero Breakbeat by Warlic
  31. DF - Ruins Of Bask by Ghost
  32. NPC's Original - Don't Like Them Ninjas by Warlic, Zhoom, Alina and Artix

And to answer some of your OTHER questions, YES, the CD will
eventually be available on Heromart, once we get it up and running and
it will still come with the rare guitar items!
What have we learned today? Ghost favors long titles, Cysero likes
the new DN posting system, BladeHaven (our next game project) has music,
and aircraft deisgners use a "chicken gun" to fire dead poultry at 900
miles an hour at the windshields of new aircraft to test how well they
will handle getting hit by birds mid-flight.
That last bit is entirely true. It was also my 1337th post. W3rd.

Now let's go see if this DN's post worked!
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July 22nd Design Notes
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