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 OOC Rules

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PostSubject: OOC Rules   Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:56 pm

The Rules of OOC

All Universal Forum Rules relating to posting behavior apply!
These should be the first thing you read when you join the forums. They apply everywhere. The more open atmosphere of OOC
is not an excuse to ignore them.

No spamming, flaming, or trolling
Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, flaming/spamming/trolling is NOT permitted here. We see plenty of comments made
along the lines of "This is the OOC, it's the way things are here." That attitude is unacceptable. Flaming is not okay "because it's OOC,"
and it's not some "initiation ritual" that everybody has to go through.

No pointless topics (We may be OOC, but that doesn't mean random posts are acceptable)
You're welcome to post about non-AE related topics here... that's the point of OOC. However, topics should still make sense and be
interesting. Spam topic such as "I like Pie!" or descriptions of your great thirst for orange juice don't belong here. This extends to "popularity" threads such as How recognizable are you, Who's the coolest OOC member, etc. This is not a contest - the OOC is intended to be merely a forum for topics that are not game-related and nothing more, and that is how it will remain.

No ranting
This board is not a bulletin or blog for your personal feelings on any given topic that may crop up; it's all well and good to share your opinions with people, but don't make threads and posts just to complain about something outright because you feel like it. This includes making threads with titles like "This really angers me!" or other such generic things, or going on about how you hate a certain public figure. This also applies to news about anything; if you can't simply state something happened and build up a discussion from there, don't post. Indignation breeds indignation, and the forums hardly need a topic filled with people talking about how they're going to kill/hurt *blank* public figure or company because of something they did. Even this in a joking manner will only be lightly tolerated, at best.

Use this forum for what it was meant for
Polls do not belong in the OOC. There is no place for a randomly generated survey of member opinion.
Entertainment topics including (but not limited to) Music, Movies, Video/Computer Games, etc. all belong in the Entertainment Forum
Forum Games belong in the Unofficial Contests and Games subforum. Games include, but are not limited to, any "<Whatever> the Forum Member above me" or "<Whatever> your fellow Forum members" type threads.

No Advice threads
We are a game forum... we are not "Dear Abby" And getting life advice from complete strangers is generally a bad idea. This includes any tech support threads - the OOC is not qualified to provide any technical assistance.

No mini-modding
We have Moderators and AKs for a reason. If you see an issue you think we have missed, please PM one of us and we will handle it.
Responding to spam and flames as a mini-modder just makes it worse; alerting a moderator and not posting is the best way to deal
with a problem. Not sure who to contact? Check the Staff list located here.

No duplicate topics
There is no need to have four threads discussing the same topic. When it comes time to make a second thread, do NOT make a new one until the old one is locked. If necessary, PM an active AK or Mod to have the thread taken care of.

Mods have the final say in all Rules-related matters
Acceptable behavior is not open to interpretation. If Forum Staff consider it spam, it's spam. Any thread that is considered to be in violation of any of these rules is subject to violation. Further, any thread, post or series of posts that are deemed unnecessary or inappropriate may be removed without notice.

No spam!
Stay on topic. Any posts (Especially "vs" threads) made simply to spam will be deleted on sight. Same as the "pointless topics" rule mentioned above, really. Note: spammy titles are also off limits; titles should reflect thread content.
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OOC Rules
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